Finding Solace in 2018

I lost something I loved in 2017: A community I built and wanted to be a part of slipped right through my fingertips. And I am going to use 2018 to find solace.

Solace: sol·ace

  1. comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

For a year and a half I poured myself into building a community of moms under the umbrella of fitness. I needed a community and a place to exercise that felt safe and welcoming. In September I stepped away from it because I was not happy with the ultimatum that was given to me and the future direction of the business. But I lost my beloved community and the work I so enjoyed doing. I loved having a purpose other than mom and wife. Did it ruin me, no. Have I mostly recovered, yes. Living in an ignorant bubble has become my preferred choice for dealing with the situation but I can’t do that anymore and it has cost me too much joy to continue.

I struggled with what my 2018 Word of the Year should be- I wanted something like Free or Un-tethered. But those felt like I was saying I was being held hostage or enslaved by something. And..maybe I was/am. Maybe my heart has been held hostage by grief, comparison, and anger. (Though, hopefully you didn’t see much of that when we were socializing together).

How do I plan on finding solace:

  • No more social media- this blog is the only place you will find me in 2018
    • I have tried to unfollow everything that seems to set me into a spiral but Facebook and its algorithms find a way to make them pop up in my feed anyway! So, I am done. Social media has been a false idol for me anyway and I need to step away because it is costing me too much joy in my actual life.
  • Focus on Spiritual Growth
    • Per a friend’s recommendation I purchased Every Sacred Sunday as a mass reflection journal
    • I might try to also find a daily devotional
  • Slowing down
    • I also considered calling this my year of “No”. I am no longer going to be an Ambassador for Noonday Collection or a consultant for Pampered Chef. I made this choice as a way to refocus but I still love all the products!
  • Limited Spending
    • I have also found that I hide my emotions or soothe them by shopping. It needs to be reigned in so I am challenging myself to not buy any new clothing or shoes for me. If I must purchase something new it will be ethically made.

So there you have it- my big plans for the new year! 1 more week until it all begins!

With Honesty and Kindness,

Honest T signature


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