Looking forward

The possibilities of a new year are thrilling and daunting. This December 31st I thought a good exercise would be to consider all the changes, fun times, and challenges 2018 will bring. Maybe you’d like to do it too?

Changes and Fun:

-More restful and intentional time! I am hoping my decision to leave social media sites like Facebook and Instagram will allow me to focus on what is right in front of me- my children, my spouse, my house, my God (I know this is in the wrong order- I told you in my first post that this would be mostly unedited and off the cuff), my relationships, my health, myself! In case you were curious- I left my direct sales positions because I wanted to get away from social media. I have been feeling called to leave for a while but my businesses always kept me attached.  I thought a clean cut would be best. Thanks for letting me explain that. 😉 (PS you can still contact me through Messenger, email, phone, or text).

-My kids growing! My 2 year old starts 2 day preschool come January 10! 3 whole hours to my self two days a week! Potty Training! Big girl bed! Words- All the words to come and being able to have less frustrating moments in the communication department.

– Traveling! We have some fun trips planned as a family and hopefully at least one planned as an adult couple.


Lets hope these are few and far between, but I know this is life and they are inevitable.

– Actually making good use of the new restful and intentional time!

-My kids growing- always an adventure without a map.

-Hub’s work schedule (being a pilot wife is not the easiest gig in the world (nor any gig where your partner travels a lot of overnights for work) but when its his passion, you make it work. Want to know more? visit: The Pilot Wife Life blog to get an inside peek.

-Traveling! Although fun, comes with its unique challenges. Flying alone with two children, or WORSE- the 10+ hour road trip are always the most enjoyable things.

-Potty Training!

Did you make your list? I imagine it probably has a lot of overlap on the changes/fun/challenges list, too. Here’s wishing you a hard, messy, gorgeous 2018!


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