If I wrote a book

Fiction (based on reality).

She squints and touches the top of the baby monitor amidst the calls for “mama”. A quick glance at the glowing red numbers on the digital alarm clock positioned across the room confirms it is twelve minutes to seven. Why was she still the only one who heard the baby, or better yet, why hadn’t she moved the monitor to her husband’s side of the bed? It had only been four years of her waking up to the calls of the children. Wasn’t it his turn? Oh, but he worked so hard to afford her the luxury of staying home.

She rolled out of bed and into the kitchen. Coffee grounds, water, push button and praise be, the caffeine laden drink began to flow. She filled two hot pink sippy cups with milk and nuked them for forty seconds. As she stretches and rubs the sleepies out of her eyes she couldn’t help but think of what today holds. Some of the same or something different?

Ethan was home from work, the girls didn’t have school, and she, Sophie, was free as a bird. No commitments at all, other than the three squares and endless snacks everyone required as well as the cuddles, affirmations, and support she gave each day. But those were endlessly better commitments to have than those she was recovering from.

Last year Sophie was over-committed and overwhelmed. She was a part time work from home full time stay at home mom with a traveling husband and a family half a country away. She had started her year with a rush of enthusiasm and drive. Her dreams of having it all were at her fingertips. So she said yes to everything. That’s what you’re supposed to do in your early thirties when you finally have the capital and time to pursue your passions, right?

The baby whines for mama again and Peyton, their independent 4 year old says “mama’s coming sweetie”.  Sophie ascends the stairs and scoops her sweet nugget from her crib, takes a deep inhale of Dylann’s overnight baby breath as she nuzzles her warm rosy cheeks then begins the diaper and pajama change routine. Peyton reminds her that she can pick out her own clothes and comes out donning a hot pink sparkle shirt with yellow leggings, red tutu, and rain boots. Ah, yes, this is what Sophie signed up for, this was her dream even though she didn’t know it until recently.


Just for fun!

With honesty and kindness,

Honest T signature

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