Being an Modern Day Advocate

You can do it whatever way you like.

Some of you may know that a tiny part of my life over the past 3 years has consisted of advocating for marginalized peoples. While you haven’t seen me on the streets pounding pavement, I have used social media and direct sales as a way to work social justice and advocacy into my life in a way I can manage and in a safe space. Now, some people will say that by staying in my lane hardly makes me an advocate or a world changer, I will counter with- at least I am doing something and trying to help those who need it and you can can also work it into your life is you so wish. If a one day march works for you- do it. If a thirty day social media frenzy works for you- do it. If a multi-year mission works for you- do it. Each of us can do something!

This was the third year I took part in a fundraising campaign called Dressember. The challenge is for women to wear a dress each day of December and share about the atrocities of modern day slavery and human trafficking. But #itsbiggerthanadress . I have learned so much from taking part in this campaign over the years. We just received an email saying that the 2017 campaign reached its goal of $2 Million!!!! My team and I helped raise .001% of that- a little over $2,000! This year there were around eight thousand fundraisers and thirty thousand donors. I am so proud to be one of them. The funds raised produce grants for the following:

Ending sex trafficking in India through rescue operations, justice system transformation and immediate aftercare through International Justice Mission’s field office in Mumbai.

Expanding the international prevention campaign, “Can You See Me?” through A21.

Empowering Mcmahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center to continue outreach to at-risk youth and provide aftercare for child survivors of trafficking in Syracuse, New York.

I challenge you to find something that YOU can do this year to help make the world outside your home a little better.

With honesty and kindness,

Honest T signature


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