I want summer back


That stupid groundhog saw his shadow so its 6 more weeks of winter! (pretty sure its more like 4 more months of sub 50 degree weather anyway.)

I woke up to 12 degrees this morning. The cold makes everything harder to do. We are all at our wits end. No one wants to put their coats on before we get out of the car. All the puppies are tearing the house apart. Further, I have no motivation to pick it up since it will be destroyed again in hours. BRING BACK SUMMER!

When my oldest was a baby she was 3-9 months during the coldest parts of the year. I was a new SAHM and pretty bored. I needed to get out of the house but the weather didn’t make that the easiest. I remember picking a different store to peruse about 3 times a week. One day I would go to Target, one day Kohls, and one day some random choice. I could get out of the house for an hour or two (maybe spend too much money) and put cabin fever off for a while.

With two walking children, one of which is the definition of terrible twos, getting out in the winter months is even harder than it was with a baby! Our area doesn’t have many indoor “little kid” friendly activities unless you count a playplace, library or Chuck-E-Cheese. Many of those places are not where you necessarily want to be during flu season. In warmer weather I can send them outside, go play at the park, give them a hose and bucket and we are all content for hours! Mama might even have an adult beverage while getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

There should be a cold weather mom support group. We could drink hot toddys and talk about all the play doh stuck to the table, snotty tissues, coat battles, and screen time happening and we would all nod in solidarity around the fireplace. I would then go home and search Zillow for homes in Florida. Not because I didn’t enjoy the time with my support group, but because even commiserating about the cold makes me hate the cold.

Til then (a move or summer, either or) I will keep bitching and watching this clock

With Honesty and Kindness,

Honest T signature

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